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SSL and IPv6 patches are a bad idea
  posted by simple on 25 May 2011 @ 03:51 pm CDT

Hey SSL and IPv6 lovers,

We know you want SSL and IPv6. But you have to stop using bad patches, like Rootie's. They cause problems, like crashing for no good reason on DCC chat. Read through the heated discussions at forum.egghelp.org if you want more details.

People who report bugs on their eggdrops after applying any third-party SSL or IPv6 patches will be laughed at, and then told to use the development version of eggdrop, 1.8.0, from http://www.eggheads.org/devel/, which support both SSL and IPv6 natively.

You'll have to modify your existing .conf files by pasting the SSL and IPv6 options from the new default eggdrop.conf, and using 'vhost4' and 'vhost6' instead of 'my-ip', but that's far easier than trying to apply buggy patches.

Also, the more people that help us test it, the sooner it will be released as an official version! You want that to happen, right?