Eggdrop Documentation: Developers and Contributors

Developers and Contributors

This file attempts to list the majority of the Eggdrop developers and contributors who have devoted a lot of their time into making Eggdrop one of the best IRC bots ever.

Eggdrop was originally written by Robey Pointer.

Developers and Contributors (in alphabetical order):

arthur2 Jerome Carre
BarkerJr Bryon Eldridge
Beldin Darrin Smith
Ben Ben Dover
ButchBub Scott Taylor
Cybah Jonathan Miles
david David Newhall II
drummer Dobos Lorant
Dude Matthew Stiefel
dw Per Johansson
Ernst Ernesto Baschny
Eugene Michael Ortmann
Eule Axel Franke
Fabian Fabian Knittel
FireEgl Philip Moore
G`Quann Florian Sander
guppy Jeff Fisher
Ian Ian Campbell
ITE Federico Mennite
Jason Jason Ede
Johoho Wiktor Wodecki
KingKurly Gregory Kubaryk
Kirben Travis Howell
Kirk Ian Kaney
Lucas Lucas Nussbaum
nakee Ely Levy
poptix Matthew Hallacy
Raistlin Jason Slagle
RebuM Martin Matuska
rtc Peter 'Rattacresh' Backes
SegFault Ryan Butler
Shaun Shaun Braun
slennox Shayne Lennox
Sup Teemu Hjelt
TaKeDa Dariusz Kulinski
TheGhost James Simmons
toot Toby Verrall
Wcc Will Buckner

Thanks go to all the people who have made individual contributions to the Eggdrop project by sending bug-reports, patches, and otherwise have supported the project. Patch contributors are listed in the UPDATES files.

If you think that you are missing from this list, contact the Eggheads Development Team at

Copyright © 1997 Robey Pointer
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