About the Uptime Contest
This document was last updated July 23, 2002

The Uptime Contest was started by the Energymech Development Team as a fun little contest to show who has the best uptime. Well, not to be out done an uptime module was coded for Eggdrop because we now had to get involved and prove our bot was better. A little side benefit of this contest is being able to get an estimate of how many different versions of each bot is running around the world.
And just to answer a few questions that everyone asks ...
It means your bot is about to die because it hasn't sent updated information in more than one day. You can click on your bot's nickname and get a little bit of information and on this page you will see how long ago the last packet was sent.
Your bot's uptime is based off the original uptime value you send -- for some reason people cheat and change this original value to make their bot look like it has a higher uptime than it really does. So to help prevent cheating if the first packet your bot sends has an uptime greater than 4 days it will be marked as untrustworthy. There is also a bug in the uptime module for Eggdrop v1.6.10 and below, where if you type ".restart" the module will be unloaded and reloaded -- and the uptime value changes because of this. This bug has been corrected in Eggdrop v1.6.11 and your bot should no longer be marked as untrustworthy if you ".restart".