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About Eggheads.org and Eggdev

This document was last updated August 19, 2010

Eggheads.org is the official home of Eggdrop development and the Eggdev team.

A Bit of History

The domain name Eggheads.org was registered in December 1998 as a Christmas present from Brian "SLipmat" McGowan for myself (Jeff Fisher) and #eggdrop@undernet. In the beginning, the domain served as the home for the official web site of #eggdrop@undernet; however, in the early part of 1999 this all changed. It was announced that Beldin's Eggdrop development group would cease development on Eggdrop after the release of v1.3.23, and focus their work on the now defunct Eggdrop2 (this was an intended rewrite in C++).

With growing concerns from the Eggdrop community and an ever mounting pile of unofficial patches for Eggdrop v1.3.23, it was decided that a small group of people would release their own independent version to incorporate these patches. The release was named Eggdrop v1.3.24i (where "i" stood for independent), and it came under a lot of criticism from the old development group; however, a large majority of the community fully accepted this release as an official Eggdrop version.

As more bugs were discovered and fixed, the need for another release was soon realized and work began on v1.3.25i; however, the community felt it was appropriate to drop the "i" and begin releasing official _new_ versions of Eggdrop.

Somewhere around 2006, eggdrop development slowed down, and some claim it died. Jeff (guppy) released his last version (1.6.19+ctcpfix) on 14 May, 2009. Later that year, he gave ownership of the domains and project to Jonathan Rudolph (simple).

The current developers are working on a new 1.8 line of code which will include new features like ipv6, ssl, and proper codepage handling (think utf-8).
We have a fairly detailed road map here.

The Eggheads Development Team

Many dozens of people have given time and effort to Eggdrop to make it a success. The current AUTHORS file contains an complete list.
Current Developers (in alphabetical order, as of August, 2010):
  • pseudo aka Rumen Stoyanov
  • simple aka Jonathan Rudolph
  • thommey aka Thomas Sader
  • Tothwolf
Thanks go to all the people who have made individual contributions to the Eggdrop project by sending bug-reports, patches, and otherwise have supported the project. Patch contributors are listed in the doc/Changes* files.