Tcl Scripts

What is this page?

In the nearly three decades of Eggdrop development, there have been a LOT of Tcl scripts written and published. Many are absolutely fantastic and work phenomenally; some less so. It can be hard to quickly determine which category a script found via a Google search or forum post falls in to. To try and make at least some functionalities easier to integrate with Eggdrop, we have stood up this small collection of Tcl scripts that address many of the commonly-requested features of Tcl scripts. The scripts posted here have been tested to work as intended, and should contain a fairly robust documentation section inside the script. Eggheads does not warrant, maintain or specifically recommend any of these scripts, but they are provided here as a good “first stop” for someone looking to expand their Eggdrop’s features.

How to load a Tcl script in Eggdrop

As a reminder, you can look at the bottom of the config file included with Eggdrop for an example of how to load Tcl scripts on your Eggdrop. Assuming the script is located in the scripts folder of your Eggdrop’s directlry, simply add the line ‘source scripts/scriptname.tcl` and rehash the Eggdrop. To remove a script, remove the source line and restart (not rehash!) the Eggdrop.

Some scripts require additional packages to be installed above what is installed as part of a ‘vanilla’ Tcl install. You’ll know you need this if you see an error similar to

	Tcl error in file 'eggdrop.conf':
	can't find package tls
	while executing
	"package require tls"


	Tcl error in file 'eggdrop.conf':
	can't find package json
    	while executing
	"package require json"

when trying to run a script. On debian-based systems, the easiest way to install these libraries is to run sudo apt-get install tcl-tls to install the TLS Tcl library, sudo apt-get install libsqlite3-tcl for the sqlite Tcl library, and sudo apt-get install tcllib for just about everything else. A full list of the libraries included in the tcllib package can be found at the Tcl development site.

YoutubeTitle.tcl YouTube Title Display text/plain

Fetches and displays video information when a YouTube link is posted in channel.displays title, date and rating of posted video links.supports also HTTPS links.


Download Copy Link 18.28 KB January 10, 2023
18.28 KBJanuary 10, 2023
selflog.tcl Self-log text/plain

Log Eggdrop's public messages to channels to file (assume the server never denies a message)


Download Copy Link 1.78 KB January 10, 2023
1.78 KBJanuary 10, 2023
quietunset.tcl Unset +q After Join text/plain

+q mode (quiet) unset for Libera and similar after a certain time.


Download Copy Link 2.5 KB January 10, 2023
2.5 KBJanuary 10, 2023 Public Quote System application/zip

Adds the following public commands: !quote !addquote !lastquote !randquote !findquote !quoteinfo !delquote (and a few other admin commands). Many features (automatic daily backup, antiflood, full multichannel support, ...). This pack includes English and French version.


Download Copy Link 16.17 KB January 10, 2023
16.17 KBJanuary 10, 2023
mc_top1_5_tcl.gz Highest Channel User Count application/gzip

Keeps a record of the top number of users on each channel.


Download Copy Link 2.3 KB January 10, 2023
2.3 KBJanuary 10, 2023
mc_bad_words5_1_12_tcl.gz Bad Word Detector application/gzip

Will act upon anyone in a specified channel that mentions a certain word that you add to the bad words database (wildcards accepted). Such actions popular are /kick and /ban, but can do more. Also has the ability to share its bad words database with other bots on the botnet.


Download Copy Link 27.35 KB January 9, 2023
27.35 KBJanuary 9, 2023
maskhost-fix.tcl Fix Maskhost text/plain

Lets maskhost (used by most scripts to select banmask/usermask) return *!*@HOST if the thing you set here matches the host. Usable most likely on Quakenet and Undernet to handle *!*@* masks correctly


Download Copy Link 1.23 KB January 10, 2023
1.23 KBJanuary 10, 2023
listmode.tcl List Mode text/plain

Provides Eggdrop with a way to handle arbitrary list modes


Download Copy Link 17.52 KB January 11, 2023
17.52 KBJanuary 11, 2023
IpBL.tcl IP Blacklist text/plain

Bans IP’s that are listed as spam or have other incidents in following IP incidents databases :,


Download Copy Link 15.58 KB January 10, 2023
15.58 KBJanuary 10, 2023 IP Locator application/zip

Allows you to find information about 'internet protocol' (IP) much easier and better. Provides information such as country, city, region name, latitude and longitude.


Download Copy Link 1.24 KB January 10, 2023
1.24 KBJanuary 10, 2023 Bogus Trivia application/zip

BogusTrivia is a rich full featured trivia script for Eggdrop. It was originally designed to mimic the popular mIRC trivia and contains a wide array of options not found in other tcl trivia scripts that will suit channel owners and players alike. For more add-ons, visit


Download Copy Link 408.19 KB January 10, 2023
408.19 KBJanuary 10, 2023 BogusHTML (HTML Generator for BogusTrivia) application/zip

BogusHTML is a full featured HTML page generator written for BogusTrivia 2.06.3 or above. BogusHTML is an add on script for BogusTrivia for those users wanting HTML generated player stats.


Download Copy Link 34.87 KB January 10, 2023
34.87 KBJanuary 10, 2023
autoscript.txt text/plain


Open Download Copy Link 4 B May 20, 2023
4 BMay 20, 2023
arbchanmodes.tcl a/r/b Chan Modes text/plain

Provides additional Eggdrop Tcl functions to check for any valid user prefix


Download Copy Link 7.83 KB January 10, 2023
7.83 KBJanuary 10, 2023
acro1_0_1_tar.gz Acro Game application/gzip

A word game in which players must try to make a meaningful phrase from a string of letters (the ACRO).


Download Copy Link 3.7 KB January 10, 2023
3.7 KBJanuary 10, 2023