BETA Feature Add: Account tracking!

Check the develop branch of Eggdrop for the latest feature added for testing: Account tracking! With this feature, Eggdrop now tracks if a user is logged into a services account, and this information can be accessed via Tcl commands. Specifically, this feature set allows you to:

  • Adds +account/-account commands to the partyline, to facilitate adding an account to a handle
  • Enables the ‘getuser’ and ‘setuser’ Tcl commands to access account information
  • Adds account2hand Tcl command that takes a nickname, checks if an account is associated and, if so, returns the handle the account is added to (if any)
  • Adds the ‘accounttracking’ variable, to check if Eggdrop is in a proper state to properly and reliably track accounts for users

It is important to note, in order to use this feature reliably, the IRC server must support the WHOX response, as well as implement (and Eggdrop enable) the IRCv3 extended-join and account-notify capabilities.

More information about account tracking can be found at

You can download the current develop branch of Eggdrop from or

If you encounter any issues, please find us at #eggdrop on Libera ( to talk through it, or file an issue on GitHub. Thanks!