Eggdrop Support is now on Libera Chat

Greetings Eggheads,

As you may know, there has been a major shift in Freenode leadership and control across the last month. IRC politics and behind-the-scenes intrigue is not something the Eggdrop developers wish to engage in nor comment publicly on. However, for whatever reason, the current freenode staff initiated a series of tangible, public actions (outside of any private dispute) against independent projects using Freenode as a base for the interactive support of their open source programs. The Eggdrop staff believe these actions are heavy handed and a wholly unacceptable manner by which to manage a platform that claims to exist for the benefit of the community.

We therefore find that the trust between the current freenode management and the members who chose to use the freenode platform has been so grossly violated in such a public and deliberate manner that Eggdrop will join countless other open source projects and move its official IRC help channel to Libera Chat ( to support it as a premiere platform for supporting open source. We find this move unfortunate and regrettable, but look forward to continue developing and assisting the Eggdrop community in a stable, constructive, and positive manner.

We encourage our users to seek us out at as the status and future of #eggdrop on freenode is uncertain at this time. We SINCERELY thank you for your continued support of the Eggdrop project over the years, and look forward to continuing our development of a relevant and useful IRC program.

Thank you!