Eggdrop 1.9.1 Stable Release

Greetings Eggheads,

We’re back again already, just 2 months after our last stable release. We added a lot of new features in 1.9.0, and there were a few usability/stability issues discovered after we released that we wanted to fine-tune just a bit more, and get it out to you as quickly as possible. This release doesn’t have much, if anything, in the way of new features, but does fix a few bugs introduced in 1.9.0 that a small population of Eggdrop users may encounter. Specifically:

Fixed an issue where adding a server without a port could create a condition where Eggdrop would crash on startup
Fixed a bad merge from 1.9.0 that resulted in away status not being properly tracked by Eggdrop
Fixed/clarified some of the terrible error messages we’ve all come to know and love for socket connections
Fixed a bug in the CTCP module that resulted in an IP in the socket table being incorrectly overwritten, causing trouble with future CTCP chat requests. This was also prevents some Eggdrop’s from incorrectly throwing a Tcl error during a rehash
Fixed an error message that incorrectly appeared after a restart when using the PBKDF2 module
Added the Libera server to accepted net-types in the config file.

We’d also like to announce that we have joined a large number of other open source projects in moving our official support channel from freenode to Libera Chat ( This was a carefully measured decision and while we regret moving from our home on freenode for well over the last decade, we look forward to transitioning all our support, development, and operations to Libera Chat. If you are interested, additional information on this move can be found at for additional information on this decision. Please look for us there!

You can follow development and report bugs on and/or visit us on #eggdrop on the Libera IRC Network.

Download Eggdrop v1.9.1 here.

SHA256 Sums:

72916ff3b34d86b11c53317f8c91531c5ff5b64138b4f39aa10ee43aae01e884 eggdrop-1.9.1.tar.gz
112097bcb13b8997128bd2f82c4bad700232e88488c6b802fe469d6b300e1eb4 eggdrop-1.9.1.tar.gz.asc