Eggdrop v1.9.2 *STABLE*

Aloha fellow Eggheads! We are happy to announce the release of our latest stable version of Eggdrop, 1.9.2! We have continued to add new capabilities and fix old bugs, and Eggdrop v1.9.2 has lots of goodies for you to play with. Just a few of the many updates include:

  • Full CAP 302 support
  • Asynchronous DNS requests moved to core code, enabled by default
  • New Tcl commands (monitor, isircbot, server list) and a new Twitch bind
  • New CAP capabilities (monitor, cap-notify, and SASL 3.2)

We made a few updates to the config as well:

  • We added the ‘extended-join’ setting, to enable the extended-join CAP capability
  • The DNS-related settings were moved out of the modules section and into the core config area
  • The (now-deprecated) DNS module is no longer loaded by default

You can read about all of the enhancements and fixes in the NEWS file included with the source- seriously, check it out!

As an added bonus, we’re coupling this release with an update of the official Eggdrop webpage ( as well as the return of EggWiki, now located at We’ve redone EggWiki from scratch, and are attempting to focus on adding scenario and walkthrough-focused articles. If you have a suggestion (or better yet, want to contribute!) find us on Libera in #eggdrop and let us know!

We want to again make sure to thank everyone who contributed bug reports and fixes, especially working with the Release Candidates- tuvok, ldm, and Lord255 helped us identify and troubleshoot a few issues that we missed in our testing and certainly would have caused trouble without their help. As always, we can’t do this without you, and we are so thankful for the support we continue to receive after all this time. THANK YOU!

You can follow development and report bugs on and/or visit us on #eggdrop on the Libera IRC Network.

Download Eggdrop v1.9.2 here.

SHA256 Sums:

7e3667f31f9770708aa52a4dd6c7aa1f61b29cf62b90f7e13769aed28f7c5e39 eggdrop-1.9.2.tar.gz
ad7d203529e83e60df7be1780e90217877647db009204fca5b53ac3394390c2b eggdrop-1.9.2.tar.gz.asc